Drug Interactions


It is known that obesity causes many concomitant diseases that require a drug therapy. Therefore, doctors prescribe more than one drug to overweight people. However, when several drugs are indicated, people may suffer from unwanted drug interactions.

In Australia, to cure obesity, complicated by other diseases, nutritionists prescribe Duromine 30mg pills in conjunction with other drugs. One should know that 30mg is a maximal recommended Duromine dose, which can be added to combination therapy.

Daily dose of sympathomimetic amine Duromine 30mg is typically prescribed for treatment of obesity in patients with bronchial asthma or other respiratory diseases.

A concomitant use of Duromine and sympathomimetics, used for the treatment of the respiratory diseases, may cause vasoconstriction, high blood pressure and tachycardia. Hence, obese people, who are taking sympathomimetics, must never exceed the daily dose Duromine 30mg.

Weight loss pills Duromine 30mg can antagonize the activity of medications, blocking beta-adrenergic neurons (vasodilators and diuretics). A joint use of Duromine and Methyldopa, Guanethidine or Clonidine may reduce their hypotensive effect. Therefore, for those, who are taking vasodilators or diuretics, the daily dose of Duromine 30mg is a maximum.

A concomitant use of Duromine 30mg pills and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO) may cause hypertensive crisis. Clinical and non-clinical studies have shown that even a small dose of Duromine 15 mg, taken together with MAO inhibitors (Iproniazid, Isocarboxazid, Nialamide, Tranylcypromine, Pargyline) may cause a sharp increase in the blood pressure.

Thus, during medicamental anti-obesity therapy, MAO inhibitors are contraindicated. In addition, patients must not use MAO inhibitors 14 days before they start using the weight loss drug and two weeks after the withdrawal of Duromine.

The use of thyroid hormones (Thyroxine) can increase the effect of Duromine 30mg pills on the central nervous system (CNS). Increased stimulation effect is expressed by the following symptoms: feeling of fever, insomnia, tremor and overexcitation.

In order to reduce the risk of the CNS side effects, patients, who are taking a single dose of Duromine 30mg, are not recommended to exceed a single dose of Thyroxine 25 mcg.

Alcohol may worsen the CNS side effects, caused by Duromine 30mg pills (dizziness, nausea, confusion), when consumed during anti-obesity therapy. Besides, alcohol is an appetite enhancer, while Duromine is an appetite suppressant.

A single application of Duromine along with alcohol beverages is contraindicated. The thing is that just one episode of using alcohol together with Duromine 30mg pills, may cause no inhibition of the CNS. Still, keep in mind that there are no accurate data on safe use of Duromine 30mg with alcohol.

If you are going to take a daily dose of Duromine 30mg in combination with other drugs, read carefully Duromine drug interactions. Prior to buy Duromine 30mg pills online, you can find out information on Duromine drug interactions by email.